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What To Expect During A Roof Replacement

What To Expect During A Roof Replacement

Deciding on the best time for a roof replacement is a big decision. After establishing a budget, finding the right contractor, and scheduling the work, what happens next? 

Since most homeowners only go through the roof replacement process once or twice in a lifetime, it’s common to be unsure of exactly what to expect. A good roofing contractor will help you prepare your home and family for the project, but doing some research beforehand is usually a good idea. Even if you are not doing the roof replacement yourself, being knowledgeable about the process and planning accordingly can help ensure the project is a success. After all, a roof replacement is a large investment, so a bit of homework can go a long way. Below are some common things to expect during an upcoming roof replacement:

There Will Likely Be Debris

During a roof replacement, your roofing contractors will begin by removing your old roof. This means stripping off everything — all the way down to the plywood. The process can be messy, so it’s possible that some nails, tar paper, materials, and other debris will fall from the roof and land in your yard. As a result, it’ll be important to make sure your lawn and outdoor belongings are well-protected. Below are some tips to help you prepare:

  • Keep your vehicles away from the property. The last thing you want is debris falling from your roof and damaging your vehicle. Keep all cars away from the driveway. While it may seem logical to park in the garage, this is only recommended if your garage is not directly underneath your roof.
  • Remove items from your porch and patio. Grills, tables, chairs, and any outdoor entertainment items should be moved to prevent damage.
  • Cover shrubs and plants. Oftentimes, your roofing contractor will do this for you. However, be sure all shrubs and plants are covered with a tarp before the work begins. 
  • Cut your grass before work begins. When your grass is short, it’s easier to locate nails and debris after the project is complete.

You Should Prepare The Inside Of Your Home Too

Damage to the inside of your home is rare, but it’s still a good idea to take some precautions. At the very least, do be sure to remove any valuables from your attic, and cover the remaining items as there may be falling dust or debris. It may also be wise to remove any wall art, as the roof replacement may lead to vibrations in the home. In some cases, a roofing contractor may recommend that you board up your windows as well, depending on their location.

There Will Be A Lot Of Noise

A roof replacement can be a noisy process. It’s a common courtesy to let your neighbors know about an upcoming roof replacement, as they may be impacted by the sound. If you’re working from home, you may want to temporarily relocate as the noises may be disrupting, and it’s often a good idea to relocate any kids or animals from the house as well, as they can be easily frightened during the work.

Roofers Will Need Easy Access

Another reason you don’t want to leave your car in the driveway is that the roofers are going to need easy access to the roof. Roofing materials will need to be delivered and stored on your property. Your contractors may also need a spot to place a dumpster, which will be used to carry away any stripped off materials. Plan to maintain a clear driveway throughout the duration of the project. Also be sure your yard is free of sprinklers, toys, or holes as your contractors will frequently be walking back and forth to the vehicles. Also make sure to keep any pets out of harm’s way.

Unforeseen Problems Can Pop-up

Roofers are trained to spot problems and are generally accurate when it comes to providing estimates. However, in some cases, your roofers may discover additional problems after your old roof is removed. Because these problems were hidden by your previous roofing materials, they may impact your project’s budget or timeline. One of the most common forms of undetected damage rotting plywood boards. Other examples of potentially unforeseen issues are insufficient flashing, damaged chimneys, or leaking roof vents.

Your contractor should immediately let you know if there are additional issues that were not discovered during the initial inspection. From there, you can work together to decide how to amend the project as needed.

The Project Timeline Can Vary

A roof replacement can be somewhat disruptive to your day to day live, so many homeowners want to know exactly how long the process takes. The answer isn’t always easy. While many say the average roof replacement takes between two and three days, some projects can take longer than a week. There are a number of factors that significantly influence the time it takes to complete a roof replacement:

  • The size of your home. Larger homes are obviously going to take longer to complete
  • The type of materials. Your roofing material may play a role as well. Shingles are generally easier to install than slate or tiles.
  • The shape of your roof. Not only are steeper roofs often more expensive to replace, they may also take longer. Steep pitched roofs, or roofs with unconventional features, may prolong the project’s timeline.
  • Local weather. The time of year can have an impact as well on roofing timelines, especially in Oviedo. Heavy rains, high speed winds, and other severe weather may delay a project. 

Your roofer will take each of these items into consideration and provide you with a project timeline before the work begins.

Your Contractor Should Clean Up

After your roof replacement is complete, the dumpster will be removed and your roofer will do a final walk-through of the project and show you exactly what was done. They’ll confirm that the new roof was installed correctly, and that you are completely satisfied with the work before collecting final payment.

Your contractor will also do an initial sweep of your yard to pick-up nails and debris. Keep in mind, it’s possible for your contractor to miss things, so be sure to take a look and ask for a second sweep if needed. 

Roof replacements are not something to take lightly, but if you hire a good contractor, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. A skilled roofer can guide you every step of the way and ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re Oviedo home is in need of a roof replacement, contact us at Native Building Services & Roofing. We provide no obligation estimates, and our team of trained professionals can guide you through every step of the process.

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