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Upgrading Your Roofing System

As we roll into spring, it’s the perfect time to give your home a makeover and a fresh new look for the year ahead. As around half the exterior surface area of most homes consists of the roofing, upgrading your roof will clearly be a big part of spiffing up your building for spring!

Depending on the condition and age of your roofing, spring roof upgrades may take several different forms. Here are 7 of the most important elements you may need to include:

1. Finally Eliminating Nagging Leaks
Some roof leaks come on you suddenly and disappear just as quickly after a quick DIY roof repair project. Others, however, seem to periodically pop up again and again no matter what you do.

That’s where it pays to rely on professional, local roofing contractors to come to the rescue! They know all the tricks of the trade as to locating leaks and eliminating them so they never come back.

2. Replace Damaged Sections Of Roofing
Oftentimes, it’s only certain sections of shingles that are badly damaged enough to merit replacement. It may be a hail storm struck your roof in patches, that the Florida sun worked on one area faster than the rest, or that a shady spot promoted moss or mold growth.

It could also be that a few scattered shingles are broken, badly bubbled, or cracked apart. No need to replace everything if only a few areas are the real problem.

3. Maybe It’s Time For Full Roof Replacement?
Shoveling sand against the tide is an exercise in futility – and at some point, so is trying to prop up a roof that is too far gone to come back.

If a roof is past its life expectancy and/or warranty, is brittle and bare (of granules), is constantly getting leaks and other problems or is badly sagging at points, it may be time for a new roof. Or, you may just want a new color or style to complement your other home renovations and add curb appeal.

4. Rejuvenate Your Flashing & Vents
It may be time to switch out old, stale-looking vents for newer, more efficient ones – or add new vents and a fan in the attic to increase ventilation. Or, you may want to add a skylight.

If the flashing and/or roofing cement around vents and chimneys is cracked, damaged, or out of place, this must be fixed immediately. Also, be sure to check flashing in the roof valleys (under the shingles) – badly worn valley shingles or valley leaks signal a major repair need.

5. Replace Any Rotted / Molding Wood
If fascia boards along the edges of your roof are rotting away at points or gathering mold and mildew, spring is a great time to replace those sections of wood.

Also, be sure to repair any weak and sagging plywood roof deck – it involves tearing up shingles and reapplying them but is well worth it to prevent leaks or a roof collapse!

6. Take Care Of Gutters & Downspouts
Your gutter system is a part of your overall roofing system and may also need some attention this spring.

Perhaps, you just need to clean the gutters out real good and add leaf guards. Or, you may need to go for some brand new gutters. Or, you may just need to re-secure gutters that are sagging.

7. Replace Worn-down Ridge Caps
Often overlooked but very important are your roof’s ridge caps. They catch the brunt of the wind and often need to be replaced before full roof replacement becomes necessary.

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