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Roofing Repair in Oviedo: 5 Quick-Fixes an Oviedo Roofer Can Help With

roofing repair in oviedo

Maintaining your roof is an integral part of homeownership. The roof and the foundation are the two most important parts of the home’s structure. Now before you begin your search for roofing repair in Oviedo keep in mind that some instances will require a roof replacement. Do not attempt to do roof repairs on your own as repairing a roof can be very dangerous. Also, you may think it is a simple fix but if done incorrectly can lead to massive damage to your home. 

Shingle Repair

Shingles are a common form of roofing material and they can suffer damage from normal wear and tear. Your shingles may also be damaged by a fallen tree branch or overexposure to the sun. There are various types of shingle repairs and while you search for roofing repair in Oviedo make sure your roofer has experience with these:

  • Blistering
  • Granule Loss- Overtime shingles can lose granules that will expose the surface under the shingle.
  • Splitting-Shingles can split when there is a sudden change in temperature
  • Lifted Shingles-similar to splitting, shingles can also be lifted from the roof
  • Shrinkage- Similar to splitting and lifting some shingles can also shrink
  • Shingles in Valleys-Due to their slopey nature can experience weathering faster than other parts of the roof
  • Broken shingles-a shingle can break due to extreme weather conditions

Flashing Repairs

In areas where the roof meets a vertical plane like around chimneys, walls, and dormers you will have a flashing. Roof flashing consists of zinc alloy or galvanized steel that directs water away from the areas we mentioned. Unfortunately, the flashing can curl up causing water to come into the home. This will require you to find roofing repair in Oviedo. 

Leaky Roof

Water damage is the leading cause of a leaky roof. It may begin small and over time become a bigger issue. The sign of a leaky roof can actually be an indicator of a larger problem with the roof. 

Gutter Repair

If your home has a gutter you understand what a crucial role they play for your roof. They collect water from the roof and send it off to the drain and away from your home. The most common reason a gutter becomes damaged is due to irregular cleaning and lack of maintenance. This allows for leaves, branches, and debris to build up in your gutter. They can then overflow and cause damage to your roof. Gutters can detach from the home. If you notice your gutter is getting stuck or detaching it is time to look for roofing repair in Oviedo. 

Ventilation Repair

Poor roof ventilation does not only affect your roof but also other parts of your home. It can lead to higher energy costs. It can cause exterior paint damage meaning you will have to repaint the outside of your home which can be another major cost. In short, the underlying materials of the roof deteriorate causing a plethora of other issues. 

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