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Roof Replacement Orlando: 7 Signs It’s Time for a New Roof!

roof replacement orlando

It is recommended to spot-check your roof at least twice a year. This will allow you to see any changes and identify any potential problem areas you may have. Depending on your roof material you may also need a roof professional roof inspection. Now, before you start searching for roof replacement Orlando we have seven signs that it’s time for a new roof. Some you may already be aware of while others may surprise you. 

The Age of Your Roof

As a rule of thumb experts say you will need a roof replacement every 15 years. Even though your roof may be hitting the 15-year mark do not begin searching online for roof replacement Orlando. The composite of the roof can change the timeline entirely. An asphalt roll roof can last between five and ten years. A wood shingle roof can last up to 25 years. 

A composite shingle roof can last 15 years. Standing seam metal roofs can last between 30 to 50 years. A wood-shake shingle roof between 34 and 40 years. There are roof materials that do last over 40 years such as a clay tile roof that can last between 40 and 100 years. A slate roof is the only material that can last over 100 years. These are typical lifespans and other factors can reduce their lifespan. 

Rusted Roof Valleys

If your home has a V-shaped channel found in the folds of the roof you may need to look for rust. 

Buckled and Curled Shingles

Shingles are meant to lie flat on a roof, so if there are any signs of curling, damaged or buckled shingles this may be a sign to start that roof replacement Orlando search. 

Gaps in Chimney Flashing

Chimneys are not commonly seen in Orlando homes they do exist. If the flashing has signs of cracks or breaks it may be a sign to look for a roof replacement Orlando has to offer. 

Missing Shingles or Tiles

roof replacement orlando

In some cases missing shingles or tiles is a sign to get a repair while in other cases this means it is time for a roof replacement. 

Sagging and Moss

Moisture can get inside the roof and cause mold, moss, and even sagging. You will need to look for sagging on the roof. You should also look for rotting boards. Where applicable examine the insulation in the attic. You may have a roof leak if you notice the insulation is moist. Looking for mold and moss is easy but if found can be detrimental to the roof and your health. 

Damage from the Sun

This may be an obvious one but if you see daylight shining through the ceiling it is a major sign that it is time for a roof replacement. Also if water begins to creep into your home during storms the roof will need to be inspected. 

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