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Orange County FL Roofer: 7 Common Roofing Issues Homeowners Encounter

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As a homeowner, you know you have to take care of your property but many homeowners forget to check on their roof. These can lead to serious problems down the line. Some issues when identified early on can be easily repaired and not only saving you money but also heartache. An Orange County Fl roofer can evaluate issues and devise the appropriate plan to tackle these problems. We have compiled a list of the seven most common roofing issues homeowners encounter. 

Roof Leaks

The most common and dangerous issue any homeowner will face concerning their roof is leaking. When you see a roof leak inside your home this is cause for concern. Likely a small issue that was overlooked or never identified can be causing the leak. The issue may have gotten to the point where you will need a new roof. Leaks are most commonly found near flashing points, around gutters, near chimneys, and close to pipes or vents.  

Punctures and Holes

Punctures and holes can be caused over time by the seemingly smallest of reasons. Local wildlife such as a bird constantly poking onto your roof. Over time the underlying wood can be damaged. 


Roof shrinkage is a serious problem that will require the help of an Orange County Fl roofer. Shrinkage is known to affect roofs covered with EPDM but also affects any roof covering. Shrinking can lead to deterioration, cracking, and the pulling apart of crucial components on your roof. 

Cracking and Blistering

With age, your roof can develop blisters, ridges, and even cracks. You may not be able to see this damage depending on the type of roof you have. If you have a roof that has several layers or covers a flat surface you may be more susceptible to cracking. 

Tree Damage

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When you think of tree damage you imagine a large tree or branch falling on top of a home or building. Although possible especially during inclement weather there are other ways your home can experience tree damage. When branches fall on your roof they can leave holes. Small branches are also something to look out for. If a small branch comes into contact with your roof it can rub against and eventually erode the top layer of the roof. Tree damage is easy to avoid by trimming surrounding trees. 

Clogged Gutters and Downspouts

Roofs with shingles may have granules near the downspout. When the roof is new this can be common as they may have fallen during installation by an Orange County Fl roofer. The issue arises when the roof is older in age and you see granules. This means the shingles are getting weak and are in need of repair or replacement.  


When you think of moisture you immediately think of leaks. However, moisture can build up leading to mold and mildew. Over time this can damage the structure of the house by damaging the walls. This can become worse over time. 

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