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Commercial Roofing Winter Springs: How to Find the Best Commercial Roofer

commercial roofing winter springs

Commercial roofing is for commercial buildings that house employees and equipment and is meant to protect them from harsh weather, hazards, and the climate. There are a few differences between residential and commercial roofing Winter Springs has that you should keep in mind. The main difference comes from the materials that can be used. Residential roofs can use materials that catch the eye and are aesthetically pleasing. 

Another major difference is the amount of time it takes to repair the roof. Typically a residential roof can be repaired within a day to a week. Commercial roofs can take a month or more to repair or replace. Typically commercial roofs are on flat surfaces. Hiring a commercial roofing Winter Springs contractor should not be taken lightly. 

Commercial roofers need specialized training and a roofer who only has residential experience cannot and should not perform your commercial roof repair. There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a commercial roofer.

Ask Around and Search

You should ask your friends, neighboring businesses, and even property managers for recommendations on roofing contractors. If your business is located in a building that has been around for quite some time you can reach out to the building owners as they should have a list of trusted contractors handy. Having this will help you know which contractors you can trust.

You can also do an online search for “commercial roofing Winter Springs” to find roofers near your business. It is recommended to hire a local roofer as they will be familiar with the building codes for your city as well as the year-round climate and the area all around. They will be able to suggest the best roofing material to use and give an appropriate estimated time for the services requested. 

Check Reviews

commercial roofing winter springs

Once you have found a few commercial roofing Winter Springs contractors you should then look at their reviews online. Word of mouth is a major source of determining the right service provider but there is nothing like seeing a written review from someone who has already used the services. 

Many people will look for five-star companies with only positive reviews. A better way to look at reviews is for verified reviews from previous clients. Too many negative reviews are not always the best indicator of a company. Sometimes a rival company will post false reviews to hurt another business. 

License and Credentials

Some roofers will work without the proper documentation, which can hurt you in the long run if something were to happen to your roof. Ask about their licenses and insurance. You do not want to be left footing someone’s medical bills because of a lack of paperwork. 

Pricing and Warranty

Pricing is a major deal-breaker for anything when it comes to your business expenses. Your roof is no different. Ensure the price is appropriate for your needs and is fair compared to other prices by competitors. Also, ask about any warranties that come through the manufacturer or the contractor. 

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