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Commercial Roofing Orlando: 6 Businesses That Can Benefit From a New Roof

commercial roofing orlando

As some people know a commercial property is a building or a plot of land that is used to generate a profit. Commercial buildings are more specific as they are used for commercial purposes such as a large office building that houses several employees. 

There are several types of buildings that can be considered commercial and will require commercial roofing Orlando services at some point during their lifetime. There are different categories to keep in mind when determining what types of commercial property you own. These include:

  • Leisure: a place like hotels, restaurants, cafes, public houses, sports facilities
  • Retail: shops, shopping malls, retail stores
  • Office: office buildings
  • Healthcare: hospitals, nursing homes, medical centers

Although these are all commercial properties they may require different commercial roofing Orlando services because of the structure. 

Medical Centers

Medical centers are an important part of our community and they house not only staff and patients but also equipment and medical documents. If something were to happen to the roof of a medical building, it could have catastrophic consequences. Medical centers should upkeep their roof and ensure a new roof is installed when the time comes. 

Office Buildings

A big majority of the population works in office buildings. They will often have several stories and several businesses within one building. This adds up to a substantial amount of people. Hiring a commercial roofing Orlando contractor to maintain and replace the roof is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the property.


People will often travel for work or business and stay in a hotel. The building will need to meet certain codes and the roof is one of those. The roof must have its integrity intact in order to be operational. 

Retail Stores

commercial roofing orlando

Retail stores can be found on any corner and are a major staple for every community. Some stores are stand-alone while others are in a shopping plaza. Either way, the roof may need repair or replacing at some point in order to keep those customers coming in and the stock at top quality.


Warehouses are often huge in scale, and the roof is as well. A warehouse may have hundreds of workers and staff at any point. A leaking or damaged roof can not only cause harm to the staff but also destroy thousands of dollars in damage. You will need to find a commercial roofing Orlando contractor to inspect your roof. 

Shopping Malls

We have all been to a shopping mall at some point in our life and it is unlikely that any of us have truly given the roof a second thought. Shopping malls can have hundreds of people if not thousands depending on the size inside at one time. If the roof has a leak that has gone unnoticed and it falls onto people this can cause a plethora of issues. 

With this in mind, it is crucial that the roof be maintained, inspected, and repaired when need be. This can avoid having to replace a roof in some cases while in others a roof replacement may be the only option. 

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