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Casselberry Residential Roofer: 6 Essential Residential Roofing Services

casselberry residential roofer

Being a homeowner comes with many responsibilities and your roof is one of them. There are several obstacles you will encounter throughout your homeownership journey, especially in Florida where environmental challenges are always problematic. But there’s no need to fret; with the right Casselberry residential roofer, you can trust that your roof will be in its best condition. In case you’re wondering what sort of work you should have done, take a look at the six residential roofing services we have listed below. The following services will be needed at least once during your time as a homeowner. 

Roof Installation

Installing a brand new roof has an enormous amount of intricacies attached to it. You will need to decide on the style, the material, and any extra upgrades. You will also need to consider other factors such as:

  • What weather conditions are like in your area
  • How certain materials will react to said weather conditions
  • Your budget

If you are looking to install a new roof you will need a qualified Casselberry residential roofer who is licensed, insured and has experience with your specific needs.

Insurance Claims

Filing an insurance claim after something happens to your roof is a tedious task that can be frustrating. 

A Casselberry residential roofer will know how to properly assist you with your claim. They’ll work with the insurance company to come to an appropriate agreement and get your roof repaired or replaced with less hassles than if you were doing this on your own. 

Roof Replacement

Roofs, sadly, do not last forever and depending on the material used on the roof it may have a shorter or longer lifespan than the average 20 years. 

casselberry residential roofer

The most common reason a roof will need to be replaced is due to damage or it has reached the end of its life. This is where an experienced roofer comes in, such as one provided by Native Building Services and Roofing.+

Our team will be able to replace your roof in a timely manner while keeping its integrity and style. 

Roof Repair

There are many factors that can lead to your roof requiring a repair. This can be due to normal wear and tear, sun exposure, and even age. Sometimes you will need a roof repair due to damages caused by a storm. 

Many homeowners fear that they will immediately need to replace the entire roof but sometimes a repair is all that is needed. 

Storm Damage

The weather can be unpredictable in Florida and hurricanes are often to blame for roof damage. With our 30 years of experience repairing storm damages on roofs, we can send you an experienced Casselberry residential roofer — or even a whole team of them — to repair the damage. 

Roofing Maintenance

Although it is recommended to check your roof twice a year, this is not possible for some homeowners. Your roof may require regular maintenance that you cannot perform yourself for any number of reasons. 

You will need to find a Casselberry residential roofer who is comfortable enough with your roof style and can easily come and perform regular maintenance on the roof. 

The roofer will need to consider the shape of your roof and the material it is made of prior to being able to offer maintenance services. This is often an overlooked service that not all roofers provide. 

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