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10 Clues Your Roofing Needs Attention

How is your roof doing? Is it time for a roof repair or even for brand new roofing? Given the importance of your roof to your home, protecting everything that lies below it (which is everything!), it pays to note the signs of deteriorating roofing earlier rather than later so you can practice good roof maintenance.

Here are 10 of the most tell-tale clues that something may be wrong with your roof and you may need a roof repair or a re-roofing job done.

1. You Have A Roof Leak
The most obvious, and in some ways most serious, sign of a roof problem is when water is penetrating the roofing and making its way inside of your home. Some leaks are intermittent, some slow and hidden, and some sudden and gushing like a faucet. Finding the exact water entry point and eliminating a leak the first time is a job for a trained professional.

2. Your Roof Isn’t Draining Properly
Another major roof problem occurs when water fails to drain properly off the roofing surface and instead puddles up. If you see grimy circles, damp areas, algae or moss growth, or other signs of puddling, your roof may need to be partially re-shingled or restructured to create proper drainage pathways.

3. Loose or Exposed Nailheads
Another sign your roof needs some attention is if you see nails with their heads exposed above the shingles or that are loose. When nails pop up or shingles and roof deck sag down beneath them, it can create an opportunity for water to work its way under the shingle shield.

4. Rising Energy Costs
Of course, there are many reasons that home energy costs can rise, but aging roofing is one of them. If you have made energy upgrades and have good insulation and an efficient HVAC system – but your energy bills are still inexplicably high, it could be you need new roofing.

5. Roofing Bubbles & Blisters
Only when shingles crack or break is it clearly time to replace them, but preliminary stages like bubbling and blistering should be watched as a roof ages. Changes in moisture and temperature can cause shingles to bubble up and then retract, ultimately leaving blisters on their surface, which in turn can eventually lead to cracking.

6. Shingle Buckling & Sagging
If large sections of roofing begin to buckle over or noticeably sag, it may be time to replace that shingle-section. Or, it could be a sign that the roof deck is sagging underneath and needs to be reinforced.

7. Granules In the Gutters
Next time you clean out your gutters, take the time to note if they are filled with shingle granules. A small amount of granules is no big deal, but if you see extensive piles and your shingles look bare and rough, then it’s probably getting to be time for new roofing.

8. Flashing Out Of Place
If there are pieces of flashing and drip edge that are missing, dangling, or out of place, that must be addressed quickly to prevent a leak. Also, cracked roof cement may let water in behind the flashing or around vents and chimneys.

9. Obvious Shingle Deterioration
When shingles fall off, break in half, become excessively brittle, come loose, or badly curl, it eventually becomes obvious that the roof is not sound and will no longer stand up to the elements

10. Your Roofing Warranty Has Expired
Finally, an asphalt shingle roof in Central FL may have an actual life expectancy of only 12 to 18 years, even with a 25 or 30 year manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime warranty. Past that age, its durability becomes suspect.

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